Deaf Women Advocates

[from Disability History Museum (ca. 1900)]

[from Disability History Museum (ca. 1900)]


DeLong, Elizabeth

[From Gallaudet University Archives]

For information on Elizabeth DeLong, Please see the site below with information compiled and written by Jodi Becker Kinner:


Fandrem (Howard), Petra

Petra Fandrem (Howard) [MN State Academy for the Deaf Museum]

Biographical Information:  Petra Fandrem (Howard)

Writings by Petra Fandrem (Howard)

Fandrem, P (1914). His salvation.  Buff and Blue. pdf.

Fandrem (Howard). (1920). The Division for the Deaf.  Silent Worker, pdf.


McDill (Bates), Laura

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.59.22 PM

Laura McDill [From Buff and Blue]

Biographical Information Laura McDill (Bates)

from Des Moines Register, Mar. 19, 1913 via

Writings By Laura McDill (Bates)

  • McDill, Laura. (1894, Nov. 1). The Greatest Calamity Which May Befall a Person. Buff and Blue 3, (1).McDill1894
  • McDill, Laura. (1896, June). It is Fate. Buff and Blue, 4 (6), 87-88.McDill1896
  • Bates, Laura McDill. (1910, Oct. 1). The Dividing Line. The Ohio Chronicle, 43, (2).McDill (Bates) 1910
  • MacDill, Laura.  (1897, June).  The story of her ancestor. Buff and Blue, 5 (9),160-162.MacDill Laura 1897
  • Bates, Laura McDill (1911).  How Cleveland’s Deaf Use the Sign Language.  Silent Worker, 23 (7), 121-122.Bates McDill 1911
  • Bates, Laura McDill. (1913). Montessori Models. American Annals of the Deaf, 58 (1) pgs. 16-25.McDill (Bates) 1913
  • Bates, Laura McDill. (1914). Ephphatha.  American Annals of the Deaf, 61 (2) pgs. 146-160. [note: This paper also appears in Bulletin of Iowa Institutions (vol. 15)].McDill 1914


Groom, Jane Elizabeth

Jane Groom [from]

Jane Groom

Emigration advocate, Teacher, Social Worker/Missionary worker

Biographical Info: Jane Elizabeth Groom

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.17.56 PMWritings about Jane Elizabeth Groom

-see Cleall, E. (2016, April).  Jane Groom and the Deaf Colonists:  Empire, Emigration and the Agency of Deaf People in the late Ninetheeth-Century British Empire. History Workshop Journal 81 (1): 39-61 [see]

For an explanation of Jane Elizabeth Groom’s life in ASL, see:

**************************************************************************************************** Hahn Hahn (Skinner), Lillian 

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.42.05 PM

Lillian Hahn [from Silent Worker]

Life-long Community Advocate, Teacher

Biographical Information:  Lillian Hahn (Skinner)

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.57.57 PM

Lillian Hahn(Skinner) [from Norton, 2000]

Lillian Hahn (Skinner):Guideline in the Deaf Community and Sports (CSDF bio)

Hahn, L.  (1939).  Valedictory Address. Presentation Day.  1939 Valedictory

**See Deafhood Foundations trailblazer series with Lillian Han (Skinner)

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.00.02 PM

rating Hahn used in her film reviews for Silent Worker


Sheridan, Laura C.

Picture 6Advocate for Higher Education of Deaf Women, writer

Biographical Information; Laura C. Sheridan

Writings by Laura C. Sheridan

Sheridan (1875):  The Higher Education of Deaf Mute Women AAD


Taylor (Terry), Alice

Alice Taylor (Terry) [from Silent Worker (1918)]

Terry Alice T Autobiography.pdf

Terry, Howard L (1950)  on Alice T. Terry

Writings by Alice Taylor (Terry)

Taylor (Terry). (1916)  Pursuit of Happiness, 1915 NAD Conference. pdf.

Taylor (Terry). (1915)  Laurens Beecher Christian. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1918)  Eugenics.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry).(1919) Sound. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1919).  Who Inspires You? Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry).  (1919) Summer Joys. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1919). Genius.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1920). Moving Experiences.  Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry) (1920). Goodyear. Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry). 1920 Courage.  Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1920). Our club.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1921). A New Book. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1921). A visit to Angie Fuller Fischer.  Silent Worker. pdf.

Taylor (Terry). (1921). Reconstructing (fiction). Silent Worker. pdf


*Walser (Gaillard), Louise

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 8.27.15 AM

(1879-1920) French Deaf Activist/Poet

Brief Biographical info:  Louise Walser (Gaillard)

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 10.46.44 AMBouchet, Marie-Héléne.  Louise Walser:  La Jeanne D’Arc Des Sourds-Muets. Editions du Fox Publisher.  [publication in French free download via]

Louise Walser (Gaillard) recognized at the Tenth Convention of the National Association of the Deaf (1913).  Louise Walser (Gaillard) NAD

Alméras, Camille (artist/creator).  [Used by permissios] Si Tu Tend L’Oeil:  Louise Walser-Gaillard. GraphicComicWalser, Louise.pdf

Walser-Gaillard, Louise-English translation of video below (LSF/French)

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 8.40.36 AM

[note of thanks to Yann Cantin, Fox Editions Publishers, and Lidiou Lsf for assistance and permission to use pictures and information).  ****************************************************************************************

Watson, Angelia (Angela)

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 12.57.51 PM.png

[film below produced by Mark W. Hansen.  Narrated by: Astrid Amann Goodstein with Ginney Bugh]


Wilkins (Williams), Blanche

SW feb 1926

Blanche Wilkins (Williams) [from Silent Worker 1927]

Biographical Info:  Blanche Wilkins (Williams)

Letters from Blanche Wilkins to President EM Gallaudet

Newly-found photographs of Blanche Wilkins (Williams)Blanche Wilkins – newphotos

Cloud, JH (1926) Mrs. Blanche (Wilkins) Williams Cloud JH. Blanche Williams Silent Worker


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.18.19 AM

[from: Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Alumni Association Museum]

Wilkins (Williams), B. (1927)  Missionary Work

Wilkins (Williams), B. (1929). Colored Deaf Man Has Shoe Repair Shop

Wilkins (Williams), B. (1929) Are Colored Deaf Neglected?

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 12.44.35 AM

Film:  Biographical Film–Trailblazing Deaf Black Woman Ancestor: Blanche Wilkins (in ASL with English captions)

[second link below this a newer version in ASL-only]

ASL-only updated version


from the Nebraska School for the Deaf [from Silent Worker (1912)]

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