Deaf Women and the Arts

[From Archives of American Art: Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Delavan (ca.1890)]

[From Archives of American Art: Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Delavan (ca.1890)]

[Please see:  for more information of Deaf Women artists]


Adams, Sarah Taylor

Artist (painting, drawing)

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.28.17 PM.png

Sarah Adams      (1869-1894) Self Portrait (drawing)

Biographical Information: Sarah Taylor Adams

Sarah Taylor Adams by Rosa Halpen (1936) 

A Biographical Sketch of Sarah Taylor Adams (KChristie)

The Rochester School for the Deaf’s newspaper on Sarah T Adam’s Memorial Service

Artworks by Sarah Taylor Adams

Sarah Taylor Adams: Early Deaf Artist at the Art Student League of New York from LINEA (2021, February 24)

Brief biographical film about Sarah Taylor Adams (in ASL with English captions)


Allen, Frances and Mary


Frances Stebbins Allen (1854-1941)

Frances Stebbins Allen


Mary Electra Allen (1858-1941)

Mary Electra Allen

Biographical information (by Patti Durr)



de Cartagena, Teresa


Brief Bio by K.Christie (from The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia)teresa de Cartagena.pdf

see wiki:


de Cartagena, Teresa.  (2009).  Grove of the Infirm (1455-1460).  In B. Fraser (Ed.) Deaf history and culture in Spain:  A reader of primary documents (pp. 3-9).  Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press.


Fuller-Fischer, Angie

poet, advocate


Angie Fuller-Fischer from Deaf Women (1989)


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 7.29.35 AM


Herring (Wright), Mary


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.32.49 AM

From Dunn’s Funeral Home

Biographical Info: Mary Herring Wright


Interview with Mary Herring Wright [with Carolyn McCaskill-for the Black ASL Project]

Books by Mary Herring (Wright):

Wright, Mary Herring (1999).  Sounds like Home.  Washington DC:  Gallaudet University Press.  [For an excerpt, see]

Wright, Mary Herring (2005).  Far From Home.  Washington DC:  Gallaudet University Press.


Homer, Augusta Fisher (Saint-Gaudens)

Artist and Businesswoman

[Portrait of Augusta Saint-Gaudens by Thomas W. Dewing
Courtesy the Saint-Gaudens Memorial/Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park]

Biographical Information Augusta Fisher Homer (Saint-Gaudens)

Writings about Augusta Homer (Saint-Gaudens)

Augusta Saint-Gaudens.  [Courtesy the Saint-Gaudens Memorial/Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park]

Duffy, Henry J. (2019).  Stepping Out of the Shadows.  Ossining, NY:  Saint-Gaudens Memorial. [Courtesy the Saint-Gaudens Memorial/Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park]


Jennings, Alice C.

Poet and writer

Biographical Information:  Alice C Jennings

Writings by Alice C. Jennings

Jennings, Alice C. (1906, October). Is it beneficial to a Deaf Oralist to Learn the Sign Language. Silent Worker, 19 (1) p. 3-4.Jennings.(1906)

Jennings, Alice C. (1881, October). Twelve years of silence (poem). American Annals of the Deaf, 26 (4), p. 248.Jennings poem (1881)

Jennings, Alice C. (1910, February). The sky is never left  behind (poem). American Industrial Journal, 5 (1), pg. 17. (see below)

Jennings, Alice C. (1910, October/December). The Twentieth Century in America (poem). American Industrial Journal, 5 (4 & 5), pg. 22.jennings 1910poems

Jennings, Alice C. (1912, January).  The Boston Ladies’ Auxiliary.  Silent Worker, 24 (4), pg. 72.Jennings Boston Women (1912)


This is Dorothy Miles ©Nancy Rourke

Miles, Dorothy (b. Dorothy May Squire)

poet, actress, director, advocate

Biographical Information:  Dorothy Miles

English Lass, Dorothy Squire, Buff and Blue

Miles, Dorothy death announcement, Buff and Blue

This is Dorothy Miles:  Nancy Rourke on the artwork–

  • Baldwin, Steve C.  (2020 Spring).  Unmasking Dorothy Miles: Part One.  Deaf Seniors of America, 25 (2) pg. 2. DSA NH Part 1-2
  • Baldwin, Steve C.  (2020 Summer).  Unmasking Dorothy Miles Part Two.  Deaf Seniors of America, 25 (3) pg. 20-21.
    Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 8.36.50 AM

    From Spectrum Newsletter (late 1970s)

  • Baldwin, Steve C.  (2020 Fall).  Unmasking Dorothy Miles Part Three.  Deaf Seniors of America, 25 (4) pg. 12-13.DSA NH Part 3
  • Dorothy Miles: Experimenting with Poetic Expressions in English and Sign Language Poetic Forms

Writings by Dorothy Miles from Buff and Blue.pdf

Poetic Works by Dorothy Miles


Pitrois, Yvonne

writer and advocate

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.39.22 AM

from Silent Worker (1914)

Biographical Information:  Yvonne Pitrois

Writings (in English) by Yvonne Pitrois

Pitrois, Y.  (1913, January). The life of the abbe de l’epee.—The last years.  Silent Worker, 25 (4), pg.  66- 67. PitroisAbbe end.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, February). From the Old World—No. 1. Silent Worker, 25 (5), pg. 92.Pitrois.OldWorld1.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, March). From the Old World—No. 2. Silent Worker, 25 (6), pgs. 103-4.PitroisOldWorld2.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, April). From the Old World—No. 3. Silent Worker, 25 (7), pgs. 129, 132.PitroisOldWorld 3.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, May). From the Old World—No. 4. Silent Worker, 25 (8), pg. 147.PitroisOldWorld4.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, June). The Only Protestant School for the Deaf in France—No. 5. Silent Worker, 25 (9), pgs. 165-166.PitroisOldWorld5.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, October). From the Old World—No. 6. Silent Worker, 25 (1), pgs. 12-13.PitroisOldWorld6.pdf

Pitrois, Y. (1913, November). From the Old World—No. 7. Silent
Worker, 25 (2), pg. 32.PitroisOldWorld7.pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1913, December). From the Old World:  The Deaf Society in Bordeaux.  Silent Worker, 26 (3), pgs.41-42.PitroisOldWorld8.pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1914, January). From the Old World:  Bordeaux and Its Deaf Society.  Silent Worker, 26 (4), pg.  66. PitroisOldWorld9.pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1914, February).  From the Old World:  A French Deaf Lady Painter.  Silent Worker, 26, (5), pg. 85.PitroisOldWorld10. pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1914, March).  Our brothers of Switzerland (Moudon School for the Deaf). Silent Worker, 26, (6), pg. 109.PitroisOldWorld11.pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1925, January).  A Deaf-Blind hero of France.  Silent Worker, 37 (4).  pgs., 165-168.PitroisDeafBlindhero.pdf

Pitrois, Y.  (1935).  A School for the Deaf in Montreal.  Volta Review, 37.  pgs. 406-7.

Pitrois, Y.  (1936).  A pioneer school in Canada.  Volta Review, 38.   pg. 22.

Pitrois, SW (1912, June)

[from Silent Worker, 1912, June]


Redden, Laura Catherine (Searing)

LC REDDEN S (MOUTON)poet, biographer, newspaper reporter


[picture from Mouton,1893]


Taylor (Terry), Alice

writer, advocate

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 2.13.28 PM

[from Silent Worker (1920)]

Biographical Info: Alice Taylor (Terry)

autobiography by Alice Taylor Terry Autobio.pdf

Howard L. Terry on Alice T. Terry (bio, 1950)

Writings by Alice Taylor (Terry)

Taylor (Terry). (1916)  Pursuit of Happiness, 1915 NAD Conference. pdf.

Taylor (Terry). (1915)  Laurens Beecher Christian. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1918)  Eugenics.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry).(1919) Sound. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1919).  Who Inspires You? Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry).  (1919) Summer Joys. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1919). Genius.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1920). Moving Experiences.  Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry) (1920). Goodyear. Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry). 1920 Courage.  Silent Worker.pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1920). Our club.  Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1921). A New Book. Silent Worker. pdf

Taylor (Terry). (1921). A visit to Angie Fuller Fischer.  Silent Worker. pdf.

Taylor (Terry). (1921). Reconstructing (fiction). Silent Worker. pdf


Tellez (Corey), Florita “Flo”



[from E.Chevy Collection]

Biographical Information–Florita Tellez (Corey)

Fail, Jerry.  (1949, March).  Florita:  Dancing Star.  Silent Worker.Florita–Dancing Star, 1949


[from Y. & A. Cantin’s Dictionnaire]

Tissier (Gaillard), Camille


Brief biographical information: Camille Tissier (Gaillard)


Williamson (Erd), Mary


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.50.27 AM

Mary Erd (Williamson) from Silent Worker (1927)

Biographical Info:  Mary M. Williamson (Erd)

Williamson-Erd Wedding. Silent Worker (1922)

Photos of Mary Williamson (Erd)

Writing by Mary Williamson

NAD Motion Picture ProjectScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.52.01 AM.png



Above image created by French Deaf Woman artist, Camille Tissier (Gaillard)

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